Advertising vehicle.

What is showbike?

A conventional tricycle has been implemented an entire audiovisual system that videos and re screens for the moment of reproduction central transport of the vehicle. There is no previous experience to the showbike for such a light compact and versatile vehicle all the advertising opportunities that digital technology has. The showbike is a product Patented bike as an advertising vehicle with built-in multimedia support. On the basis of a encompasses Audio virtually.The tricycle has a mechanical system to lift the content, while in the position of these screens and other electronic elements are the hidden drawer.


32-inch high

Brightness Led screens (can be observed directly in full sunlight thanks to its exceptional lighting power).

Touch Screens

Used are ANDROID systems with touch screens and operating systems integrated.


Showbike incorporates a powerful amplifier of sound of 200 watts of power. It also includes a mixer with wireless microphones to make locutions or presentations.

Virtual reality

Dedicated computer system for the diffusion of contents on virtual or augmented reality. Includes glasses with headphones for 100% immersive experiences.


The showbike is a clean energy vehicle that is powered by powerful lithium batteries. These batteries are removable in a very easy and convenient way to extend the autonomy that is already around 5-6 hours with a load.

Video Project

The Showbike can also be equipped with a powerful video projector that allows the diffusion of large images on a flat surface. Obviously in this case it can never be in broad daylight.

Lateral drawers

Two lateral drawers have been incorporated into the showbike on both sides To be to transport all the necessary Information

Lights and visual effects

The showbike has an arsenal of lights and visual effects to show its presence beyond where it circulates.Luminous signs, LED lighting in RGB colors and custom made vinyls make this original advertising tremendously striking.

Fotografía de mare Ingenieria y showbike

How it works

Fotografía como funciona showbike

The operation of the Showbike is extremely simple any conventional cargo tricycle. The new part is that of the projection equipment that is exactly the same as the one installed securely inside the front drawer.

Through robust Stainless steel guides, the entire upper part of the drawer that includes the projection screens rests on the base of the same and is ready to work in presentation mode the user using a winged handle in the front, activates a simple mechanism of rise, which raises the whole up to its top stop. In this position is when the rojection systems are activated and the tricycle is ready for the show to start.

Energy management and control of lights and other elements is governed from an electric on the front drawer. The manager of the Showbike has at his disposal the control pan controls a part of the audio, video computer that includes the module of reproduction of contents of virtual reality.


  • Are it is a vehicle with hardly any maintenance required. 100% ecological, clean, silent and economic. Ideal for any space whatever it’s nature.with the motor base of a cargo tricycle, it allows unrestricted access to any urban area whatever it’s nature
  • With the motor base of a cargo tricycle, it allows unrestricted access to any urban area whether it is passable by and when it is not limited and hardly privileged.that allows to take with them an entire arsenal of auxiliary elements for the advertising exploitation such as brochures, catalogs , printed information or merchandising
Fotografía ventajas por showbike
Fotografía ventajas 2 por showbike
  • There is no doubt that the Showbike is original and striking, it is impossible to go unnoticed. It’s aesthetic is the same time avant-garde and vintage, the dark colors along with the noble wood brings an air of elegance and freshness. It’s striking lights and luminous signs make it at restricted to pedestrians (always when pedaling). It’s small dimensions make the impact awkward. On the other hand can be located anywhere but also the front drawer is equipped with two side chests.
  • The Showbike is much more than a tricycle with 2 video screens. The Showbike is a platform for disseminating content in all its dimensions. From the spatial to the virtual.
  • It also has an internet connection geo-positioning and a host of technological features. With the addition of a built-in video projector we will have the cinema in the street allowing to play large-sized videos or delight adults and children.
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Designers and builders of the Showbike is the company MARE INGENIERIA FERROVIARIA ATIVA SL, A company specializing in the construction of tourist trains as well as the adaptation and transformation of other vehicles for leisure and tourism.MARE INGENIERIA is located in Manzanares ( C real) where the showbikes are manufactured and the production of other manufacturing products are produced .The Showbike is a patented product and also homologated vehicle with all the guarantees for a safe and risk-free use by any person.

Fotografía de fabricante por showbike