Advertising and multimedia content in a light, ecological and sustainable vehicle.


Autonomous Multimedia Vehicle with the Latest Audiovisual Technology.

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Are you interested in setting up your own advertising business?

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Concept that allows to offer advertising and multimedia contents (audio ,video and virtual Reality) in a light ecological ,sustainable vehicle and without restrictions to its circulation by any urban route.

Showbike is a multimedia vehicle completely autonomous and equipped with the latest audiovisual technologies.of great visual impact and careful vintage aesthetics.

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do you want to set up your showbike business?

Showbike is a business model in which MARE INGENIERIA brings both and the fully equipped vehicle and the know-how for the user to set up their own advertising business

Showbike combines the best of the digital world with personalized attention, since there is always a human interlocutor that allows a direct and close deal between person to person.

MARE INGENIERIA is a young and dynamic company in love with their work where passion and the instinct of self-improvement they are burned into our DNA.


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